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Bitrix24 the call

Stephen Ankenman, Bitrix24's regional director for North America, said (in 2013) the company is already working with a handful of partners that approached the company interested in resale opportunities. And resale will certainly be the focus of Bitrix24's channel program when it is put in place.
"We're interested in attracting partners who can put this into the ground," said Ankenman in 2013.

So in 2016 we answered: Ok we would like to accept the challenge, and we just boarded in this new trip with our 36 years of market experience.

In 2013 Bitrix24 arrived at USA and launched its Cloud Version, of course at that time Bitrix24 was not same as Bitrix24 hosted but today are almost same. We need to know that Bitrix was born in 1998, and is in evolution all the time, you can see this just reading the Bitrix24 Blog, there you will see that every month Bitrix show a new feature. In 2013 Bitrix24 had 60.000 clients today Bitrix24 has more than 1.000.000 clients with more the 4.000.000 users.

Looking for best free SaaS CRM software? That would be Bitrix24. Most cloud CRM systems have very limited free plan, but not us. Our free plan only practical limits are 5 GB and 12 agents. Everything else – client records, email marketing, quotes, invoices, sales automation, scheduling, phone calls, custom fields, tasks, product catalogue, multiple currencies, taxes, time tracking – is available in the free plan without limits.

The company's service combines CRM and social intranet functionality into one product, putting it head-to-head with the major CRM providers, but also cloud-based collaboration service providers. Having both feature areas in one service is where the company hopes to be able to shine in the SaaS world.

Second, most SaaS solutions are available only in cloud, which puts them at a significant disadvantage. Not Bitrix24. Even though 98% of our clients prefer free cloud, we do have self-hosted (aka ‘on premise’) editions as well. Better yet, it comes with open source code access, so you can tweak it any way you want. You no longer have to debate about advantages and disadvantages of software as a service model – simply pick what works for you, cloud or your server.

Our free SaaS CRM software also comes with free applications for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. And it can be used for much more than just client management – call center, document management, project management and other features are available there as well.

Our Basic features: free unlimited records, free 5GB online storage, free email marketing, free call center, free custom fields, free quotes & invoices, Cloud or self-hosted (open source code access), free fully featured CRM with no limits, fully customizable, free contact center, powerful reports, free mobile, CRM iOS and Android, free integrations (RestAPI). Call us (IMBRAZIL +551639632111) and we will give you all the assistance that you will need to get the most of Bitrix24, also we can develop automated and customized system to you improves your experience using Bitrix24.

We can speak English, Spanish and Portuguese, give us a call and we will talk about how CRM will help your business to grow.

O CRM Bitrix24 é uma plataforma completa de colaboração social, comunicação e ferramentas de gestão para a sua equipe, gratuita para 12 usuários.

Programa de Parceiros Bitrix24
Os parceiros Bitrix24 oferecem demonstrações, desenvolvimento, personalização, integração, que poderão ajudá-lo a criar e gerenciar sua intranet Bitrix24 orienta-lo na escolha do melhor plano para sua empresa, fornecer serviços de personalização e automação além de treinamento e consultoria de negócios. Eles também podem desenvolver um aplicativo de marketplace para você. Comprar o Bitrix24 por meio de parceiros custa o mesmo, mas oferece uma série de vantagens, tais como suporte prioritário e consultas de parceiros por telefone/online.

Você tem perguntas sobre sistemas CRM? Quer ter mais detalhes sobre o Bitrix24? Gostaria de uma demonstração? Quer usar a versão hospedada gratuitamente por 30 dias? Esta procurando personalizar seu Bitrix24? Fale com um especialista, ligue +5516992337851 ou envie um e-mail (josepinto at imbrazil.info).

Jose Muanes Pintor epresentante do Bitrix24 para o estado de São Paulo

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